United States Navy

States Navy


You need to protect your land as well as the adjoining water bodies. The military force that mainly functions on water is called the Navy. The United States Navy is an agile defense force that gives the country a firm?military?base. A maritime military force, the?US Navy?can deploy submarines, ships and aircrafts throughout the world. It enjoys the might to attack many of the land targets and can even transport the required personnel and weapons to its various other bases. This is not all for the United States Navy.

When it comes to nuclear force, America?s might is delineated through ballistic missile submarines. The US Navy is under the control of the Department of Navy. The total strength of the?United States Navy?in 2003 was considerably large with 380,000 active duty sailors. It further consisted of 325000 enlisted personnel, 55,000 officers and around 4000 midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The Navy has also employed 185,000 civilians.

The?US Navy?has its roots traced back to the Continental Navy, established by the Continental Congress during the American Revolutionary War. With its military might of 300 ships and over 4000 operational aircraft, it has millions of women and men under active service or ready reserve duty. The United States Navy became a part of the Defense force after its establishment in 1947.

America has water bodies around its sides, which makes the?United States Navy a crucial force in combating the onslaught of antagonistic forces. The economic interest of the country also depends a lot on how well protected and adequately managed is its surrounding ocean, which the brave naval force looks after. The United States Navy performs four crucial functions like transporting troops, supplies, equipments etc. controlling the seas, using that power to project American might abroad and carrying military operation in case of a crisis.

Thus, the United States Navy is that crucial operational force that saves the country from any upcoming danger that might approach the vast shores of the region. The?United States Navy is the monarch of the adjoining ocean that gives its possessor enough reason to feel proud.