Military Pay and Benefits

Pay & Benefits

Military pay and benefits depend upon not only the type of job that a recruit or soldier holds, but also years of service and rank. All military branch services incorporate food allowance and housing allowance into pay benefits, in addition to combat zone pay, overseas duty pay, and reenlistment bonuses and benefits. Pay scales and benefits rise in direct correlate to the length of time as well as the rank attained by any soldier or sailor within various military branches.


Starting military pay benefits in the military of a recruit or soldier with less than two years of service as an E1 may range from roughly $1200 for less than four months of service to $1300 for more than four months of service. Enlisted ranks ranging from E1 to E9 rise in scale for earnings of roughly $2,300 a month. Overseas duty or combat duty pay directly increases such basic pay benefits.


Additional years in service will affect that very same rank in pay scale to reach nearly $4,000 a month. Most enlisted personnel start as recruits at the E-1 grade level, although those that have completed above-average educational requirements or who have special skills may start at an E-4 grade, which offers greater pay benefits. Commissioned officers earn more than enlisted men and women in can earn anywhere from $2,500 to $8,500 a month for less than two years of military service.


In addition to basic military pay, personnel are provided with free room and board, free medical and dental care, clothing allowances, and department store shopping privileges. Soldiers receive 30 days of paid leave a year as well as generous allowances for off-base housing. Marital status also has an impact on basic pay scales. Dozens of pay scale allowances exist for various situations and branches of military service. To find out more, contact a local recruiter for additional information.

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